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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Todd Manning, Engima Chapter 30 (mild adult)

Chapter 30

       Going home proved more difficult than expected. John waylaid all of them as they were leaving the Palace and insisted on getting their statements. Several hours later and completely exhausted, they left the station to find limos waiting to whisk them home. John watched as three separate cars departed and went to retrieve Natalie. She belonged at home with Liam.

      It was near dawn and the sun was making its way up over the trees as the Limo pulled up to Dragonheart. Williams looked back to find Mrs. Manning fast asleep in Mr. Manning’s arms. “What do you want me to do sir?”

“Pull the car under the trees, Williams. Give me the keys and go to bed. We’ll be fine.”
Williams closed the door as quietly as he could and departed to his quarters. Todd reached down and grabbed the throw at his feet, being careful not to disturb Blair. He opened it to cover them both and paused as Blair made herself comfortable against his chest. His hand gently stroked her bruised face and with a soft kiss on the top of her head he rested his own head and drifted off to sleep.

           She looked down at him. He was so handsome. There were so many people, but they were shadows and only Todd stood out. The first time she had seen him in a tuxedo, he had taken her breath away. It had been a revelation. Now she gazed down at him, strong and confident. He filled his tuxedo like he had been poured into it, her hands itched wanting to run over his broad shoulders and down his chest. My God, the magnificent man at the bottom of the stairs was her's and only her's. “Todd,” she whispered, the name floated down and he looked up. His beautiful smile lit the room and the crowd disappeared. They were alone, soft music playing as he ascended the stairs. His hand held out, he waited as she joined him and then he twirled her into the dance. They were dancing on the clouds moving effortlessly together. She felt his hand holding her securely around the waist. Then the lightest touch moving to her bare back as he caressed her and she melted deeper into his arms. His breath was warm and sinfully sensual against her skin and she shivered in delight.   Blair was in heaven as his soft lips moved from the pulse in her neck and found their way to her waiting and eager mouth.
    Blair sighed in her sleep and nestled closer as her dream deepened. Todd stirred and he shifted as she got more comfortable.

    They were lying together and he slowly removed her gown until only the soft furs beneath them caressed her skin. She stretched and purred at the sensation of the furs against her skin and looked at him kneeling above her to removed his Jacket. His silk shirt molded his chest and her breath began to come quickly. She reached, her hand sliding up his chest as the clothes disappeared and he laid his lean body down beside hers. She began licking and tasting his muscles, eager to explore him …. OH, he tasted so good. Blair drowsily nibbled and traced circles on his abs with her fingers feeling the rise and fall of his chest and hearing his gasps at each movement. Her fingers found his belt and she worked it free all the while continuing to caress him with her lips.

    Todd was awakened by his body coming to life with every caress. He peered down to discover Blair nuzzling and kissing him and then felt her hand move to his waist.  In moments, she had freed him and moved lower with her ministrations. She was purring as she worked, thoroughly involved in him. Her little sounds succeeded in only making him harder. Todd knew she was going to complete her mission soon. but he didn’t want to be the only one receiving pleasure. His hands now freed from holding her began their own caressing.
     Still caught up in her dream, Blair responded to Todd’s caresses, moving into them as her skin seemed to ignite with heat, OH!!! She didn’t want the dream to end, it felt so good. Suddenly he took her face into his hands and pulled her to his lap. He kissed her and she opened her mouth sighing. His tongue invaded, every tactile nerve came alive and Blair awoke, sensations flooding her as she realized her dream was true. She had no idea where they were and she didn’t care. She moved to straddle him, her body on overload. His mouth moved to capture her breast as she rode him. Time stood still.

She dropped onto his chest, listening to his heartbeat once again and stroked his muscles as she lay there. She looked up to see him gazing down at her. She shivered as excitement rippled through her. There was admiration in that gaze, as well as hunger. It pleased her to know she had that effect on him, but she so wanted him to know the effect he had on her. She reached up with her hand and began tracing his scar. “Do you have any idea what you do to me? When you look at me with these beautiful eyes, I turn to jelly. There are times I have to stop myself from coming at you and tearing your clothes off. Usually, those times are when you’ve done something so atrocious and then turn around and make up for it in a way I don’t even see coming. You’re a mass of contradictions and it’s maddening as all get out, but it just makes me love you more.” Her fingers had come to rest on his lips. “You drive me crazy, Todd Manning”

“I know,” he replied.
She was just getting ready to sock him for such a smug comment when she saw it. It was the smile from her dream and it beamed at her. She sighed and melted into his embrace.

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